Maximize yield potential ● Stay ahead of crop stress

What it does

  • Up-regulates key genes associated with plant stress
  • Improves root-hair growth to enhance nutrient uptake
  • Reduces excess ethylene from stress

What that means

  • Continuous new root growth for efficient nutrient uptake
  • Optimum hormone balance for continued cellular viability
  • Improved yield and quality for maximum ROI

Application timing

  • With all foliar sprays

Bio-Forge is a patented formulation of N,N’ — diformyl urea, classified as an antioxidant — and has significantly improved plant growth in a variety of crops by working at the genetic level. Bio-Forge works by up-regulating genes from the plant’s own major anti-oxidative pathways as well as genes responsible for ethylene production and root growth.

Under stressful conditions, plants produce excess ethylene which can cause them to die prematurely. Bio-Forge suppresses excessive ethylene at the genetic level and improves plant hormone balance by up-regulating the Dreb1A gene, a gene shown to play a role in drought tolerance and the RLS4 gene, the gene responsible for improving root development. Continuous root tip growth helps keep a healthy level of plant hormones during all stages of growth and improves nutrient uptake.

Bio-Forge also improves cellular viability by up-regulating the four enzymes that protect plants from damage in response to stress from:

  • Drought
  • Injury from herbicides and pesticides
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Extreme temperatures

It mixes easily with most crop protection products for application flexibility.