STOLLER Europe – ORA SERVICES : An ongoing relationship of Innovation


An ongoing relationship of Innovation


Hello everyone,

It is a great honor for ORA Services to be among the top collaborators of STOLLER Europe today.

Servicing the agriculture sector as an Agronomist as well as an entrepreneur in the plant nutrition business for more than 30 years under the umbrella of Phytothreptiki SA company with 2 factories, +100 people and +40.000MEUR in turnover, I realized that the sector is needed a new approach. An approach that can disrupt the status quo of the industry.

This led me to start working this idea from the scratch by establishing a brand-new company. What was the name of this new endeavor? I realized that I had to start from the name. The name must be indicative of the idea. So, I found the idea and named it ORA that means Out of Ordinary AgroScience.

Under this name I formed the

  • ORA SERVICES as a sales & consulting form of the business


  • ORA ACADEMY as the research, trial, training, and knowledge diffusion platform.

And who can express better this idea?

Guess please?

Right. Stoller Europe. Back in early 2010 I met a guy that I count not only as a great collaborator but a friend today. I am talking about Sergio Aguilar, a passionate person about the new way of doing agriculture. And how is that?

By the totally revolutionary approach of the legendary Jerry Stoller, an Agronomist with an influence on Modern Agriculture that no one else today!

And this relationship is not stuck in the middle but is an ongoing process.

If you ask me why somebody to work with Stoller Europe I can easily answer based on 5 pillars.


Pillar 1. People

You can have a nice idea. You can have a nice business model. But if you don’t have the People to execute it every day then you cannot be followed by other people.

In the case of Stoller Europe all our people have established a great base of understanding, work together in solving problems, understanding the “language of the plants” and the most important to help the whole network of our dealers and farmers to act in this direction.

First of all, Stoller Europe’s people are great professionals. They know what the preach, they know what STOLLER’s products do in the field, and they know how to communicate the message to the market.


Pillar 2. Culture

We all as agronomists know that the plants carry on them the genotype and are developed based on their phenotype. The phenotype of the People is … Culture.

Culture is the sum of total of the learned behavior of a group of people that are generally considered to be the tradition of that people and are transmitted from generation to generation. And this culture in Stoller organization was instilled by the legendary Jerry Stoller. The legacy of Jerry has influenced the whole organization and within this culture we as ORA feel as our nature place. Jerry’s ideas where not only about understanding the plants but to serve the growers as well because to be an Agronomist is not just a profession but has a social purpose on it.

So, helping the farmers understand the needs of the plants is a great contribution to agrifood sector.


Pillar 3. Innovation

Innovation is one of ORA SERVICES’ main principles.

The fact that Stoller has been expertise in Plant Physiology and in Hormonal Balance for more than 50 years, constitutes one of the main pillars of our company’s activity in the agricultural sector as well as in the specialties’ sector.

On that basis, we have been capable of broadening our horizons and ameliorating our cognitive background.

The evolution of Stoller’s products portfolio show us that innovation is a process and not a EUREKA moment. By allowing us to be part of innovation (I am referring to STAMPA project) of this portfolio give us a great push to stay “hungry and curious”!

In simple terms, Stoller Europe has been the key partner in our vision which comprises providing solutions in Modern plant nutrition and the ultimate stress management solution provider in the context of the European “Green Deal” and of the sustainability of the agricultural sector.


Pillar 4. Collaboration

Collaboration is one of ORA SERVICES’s principle. To collaborate with STOLLER Europe for us is a key component of a sustainable presence in the market aiming for a sustainable growth.

Collaboration at the conceptual level involves between ORA SERVICES and Stoller Europe has to do with:

– We work together with a shared purpose to be useful in all the players of the whole food chain

– We drive to gain consensus in problem-solving

– We participate in problem solving and we get the participation from their side

– We negotiate, and we collaborate and find a middle point of both to grow together

– We share our experience and knowledge, and we get in return the same

– We always think, and we consider alternatives

– We proactively engage rather than wait and see

In case you need to know more about collaboration ask Sergio, Mauricio, Angelos, Vicente, Maria, Senti, Abbas, Themis, Jesus, Dimitris, Elodi and so on!


Pillar 5. Trust and Loyalty

Trust is an essential way of life because you cannot make a relationship, friendship, a business, or an organization if there is no foundation. Part of that foundation is trust and loyalty because you should be able to depend, rely, and trust others that they will do exactly what is right for them and you.

But all of us know that it takes two to tango.

Trust can be broken so quick, it is scary, because once trust is broken it is a lot harder to gain back then when you first gained trust in someone.

The people of both organizations STOLLER Europe and ORA SERVICES work hard on this business relationship in the direction of Trust and Loyalty. This is the only way to grow together in the forthcoming 30 years!

Ladies and Gentlemen, colleagues, collaborators, and friends I do believe that this is the way we must follow. Being part of STOLLER Europe’s family is a great privilege and hope to meet all together in such situation for long time in the future.

Thank you for giving attention to my message.


Nikos Koutsougeras

Founder and CEO of ORA SERVICES